For over 20 years, RedLion Sound has been providing the Film and Television Industry with quality sound for both Production and Post-Production.  RedLion's work has contributed to the success of many Emmy and Academy Award winning productions, including the blockbuster, Academy Award winning movie "Get Out" and the Emmy Award winning HBO series, "TREME." RedLion has received two Grammy and two Emmy nominations, taking one Emmy win for their contribution in the category "Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Miniseries or Movie."  


Director & Cast

The RedLion crew is led by Robert C. Bigelow.  Robert's 20+ years experience as a Sound Engineer encompasses Production Sound Mixing and Supervision; Music Production and Recording; and Post Sound Editing and Supervision. This wide range of experiences in the Sound Industry gives him a uniques understanding of what Post Production needs and what they don't  to efficiently streamline workflows and provide you with the best production sound elements for your project.

The Anchor of the crew is Jack Bigelow.  Jack started in the film industry at 16 as a Sound Utility and Boom Op for RedLion until he graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in Film Studies.  Upon graduating , Jack stepped away from RedLion to explore and discover new techniques and to gain a broader working experience with other mixers and crews.  Before returning to RedLion, Jack's works included familiar titles such as "American Horror Story", "Top Chef" and the HBO series' "Quarry" and "The First."

  Jack has since begun taking on  the role of Sound Mixer with several titles under his belt, including several episodes of OWN's "Queen Sugar."


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Check us out for our current and up-coming project:

"THE HUNT"                             Universal                                  Released

"MY BROTHERS KEEPER"      Manns Mackie/ Universal         In Post

"RESCUE ME"                           Manns Mackie                         Pre-Prod


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